Been there, done that, got the t-shirt

art and soul


The graphic in the posted photos was made to complete the first assignment from Art and Soul: 156 Ways to Free Your Creative Spirit. The challenge called to make an art and soul  badge but I decided to mark a coded message on a t-shirt. Answering to my life’s calling was something I’ve set aside for a long period before the urge to revisit my creative side became too strong.

Me: My name is Robert and I’m an artist.

Them: Hi Robert!

Declaring the above statement feels like I’ve said it in a recovery meeting. But instead of saying it to overcome an addition, I say it to guide me deeper into my passion.

In the past, I’ve treated this branding as a blessing and a curse. Like a milestone reached by a traveler on a spiritual path  or,  like The Scarlet Letter worn by the heroine Hester Prynne. I’ve surrendered to the impulse to lead visitors to observe God’s gifts. I will wear this glorified badge as I establish more permanent marks.

Why not mark up a t-shirt of your own? Supplies include a t-shirt, a lettering stencil (optional), a permanent fabric marker and cardboard to protect the opposite side from bleed marks . Use gentle care in washing and drying the t-shirt.

Read the coded message. What does it say?

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Leegraffiti: Making Marks in the World with Broad Strokes is my place on the web where I document my creative excursions. As the leaves on my tree drawing, the range of interests is vast. Whether I’m attending a stage production or drawing a portrait, I will attempt to cover many art forms. My main goal is to timely provide good content. To ensure this, I will follow the weekly challenges presented in Pam Grout’s Art and Soul: 156 Ways to Free Your Creative Spirit.

So take a look around. I hope this will be the first of many visits to Leegraffiti. Become a subscriber by filling out the form on the right or on the contact page. Thank you for stopping by.

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