A joke on eating crow: Margaret Cho style

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Margaret Cho
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I used to ROTFL teary-eyed when watching Margaret Cho, one of my favorite stand-up comedians. She contorts her face when imitating her mother. She shocks when she recounts her bizarre sexual encounters. She inspires when she crusades against social injustices.

So it’s only fitting that this week’s Art & Soul project involves writing and telling a joke. Another punchline I had in mind was more Margaret Choish but I will share the milder option with a tinge of Cho. Like to read it? Here it goes …

What the hell does “eating crow” mean? I know people figuratively eat it when they’re proven wrong. But what is the crow? Is it grain?… the bird? … Jim Crow? Like there’s a public service announcement that says…

“For the racist in your gang, give a gag gift to the one with the gift of gab … like a box of Crow, a treat for the one with sh!t for brains.“

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